Catching Up

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New-to-us Home

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The Nomadic Life

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New Beginnings

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Dog Leash Progress

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Dog Leash Yarn and Practice Handle

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More Viking Age Tablet Weaving

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Viking Age Tablet Weaving

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Tudor Times Fiber Processing and Weaving

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Site Updated

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Harris Tweed

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Swedish Star

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Waffle Weave Washcloths

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Fight Your Way Through That

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Flying 8 Loom Building Guide by Andreas Moeller

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Movie Textile Reproduction

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M & W in Huck Lace Curtains

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Biggest Loom Hack Yet

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Improvised Cone Stand

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Improvised Reed Holder

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House of Baily Tartan Placemats

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Pendleton Loom

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Color Gamp Huck Block Towels

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Perugia Towels

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The Making of a Monster Maroon

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Replacing an Apron Cloth

Magdalene, the 40" 8 shaft Macomber that I [...] Read more

Flat Cap

One of my goals when first learning how to [...] Read more

Web is NOT Cloth!

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Montgomery Scott Dress Tartan Part Deux

Thanks to a donation by a very good friend, [...] Read more

Waste Not, Want Not

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Star Trek Textiles: Romulan Military Uniform

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Pick Up Inkle Weaving on a 4 Shaft Loom

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Star Trek Textiles: STOS Bedspread

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Great Scott!

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Warp Speed-Giving it all I Got, Captain!

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Elbow Grease & Kitchen Towels

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A First Project for Little Gem

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Harrisville Loom Restoration: Changing the Treadle Sequence

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Latest Inkle Weaving

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A Wedding Gift

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