Dog Leash Yarn and Practice Handle

I've been practicing the double faced tablet weaving for the past few days and I'm getting the hang of it. I'm making less mistakes and it's going quicker. 

The yarn for the final product arrived today.  I love the colors. I'll have to take the leftovers and make myself a little something.

My biggest hurdle in this project is weaving the handle into the leash. I had a chance to check out the instructions. I set up a short warp with 8 cards to give it a try. The handle has to be woven while the warp is still on the warping pegs. I didn't notice anything in the instructions mentioning the difference in tension due to the take-up by one half being woven and the other half left unwoven. This became an issue.  My 3" S hooks came in really handy here I was able to take up the slack in the unwoven half of the warp with the S hooks.  Now that I understand the process, I can start warping and weaving for the final product. Wish me luck!

1/16/19: Unpdate! I contacted Linda about a possible video for the handle. I manged to get it woven, but following the written instructions was challenging. I'm more a visual learner. She thought a video was a good idea, too.  Here it is! :D

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