Seasons Greetings

Greetings friends and family.

I hope this missive finds you all in good spirits and good health.  Another year almost over and soon a new one beginning. Where does the time go?

This year was so full of adventures. The major adventure that we planned for never came to fruition. We wanted to head south for the winter, but a multiple fracture of the 5th metetarsal in my left foot, in October,  prevented it.

Going full time RV has it's challenges, one of them mainly being able to access the internet. We are staying at different Thousand Trails parks. Some have good WiFi access and other's...not so much. Right now we're at a "not so much" park.  DH has a cell phone but we don't have an umlimited data plan and signals are often weak or non-existent. We hope to get a WiFi Ranger and Cell Booster to remedy this. For now, I often have to rely on the WiFi located at the lodges of the parks. I'm still nursing my foot. I finally got the OK to start walking on it, but it's still painful and difficult to get around. I don't go out much, so attempt going to the lodge for WiFi only every couple of days. If you order the Warping Mill Plans, please keep in mind that I will email them to you as soon as I am able.

Until next time, I hope whatever holiday you celebrate this season brings you much happiness and joy.

Happy Weaving, 



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