Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration. Wishing you happiness all year long.

The news around here is that the fractures in my 5th metatarsal healed really well. The problem, now, is that I have 2 new fractures. One in each of the last 2 toes and the fracture goes in a straight line through the 2 toes. I didn't do anything that I can remember that would have caused that. The doctor put me back in the "boot" for 4 more weeks. After that, if I am still having problems, she will order a cat scan to see if it's a bone density loss problem or what else could be going on.

Some good news is that we are chipping in for Verizon JetPack Unlimited Data WiFi with a couple of fellow RVers. Now, I shouldn't have to rely on park WiFi anymore (which isn't available except down at their family centers) to send out the plans for the Horizontal Warping Mill.

I'm hoping to make some garb for a Ren fair that I want to go to at the end of the month and have been tablet weaving trim for it.  Keeping fingers crossed I get the garb done in time. Will post pictures.

Till next time, 

Happy Weaving!

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