New-to-us Home

Have been working on the exterior of our new-to-us home. It has to look good in order to bring it into some resorts. They don't want rust buckets rolling in.  13 years ago, I went to Home Depot and took every single paint chip off their racks to make color wheels. My effort paid off for this project. I was able to match up the color of the upper portion of the siding so that we could freshen up some of the vent covers that had yellowed with age or rusted. We also got spray paint, as close to the color of the bottom half of the siding as we could, with which to paint the furnace vent, tongue, rear bumper and steps.  It's shaping up nicely.

Trailer Hitch Before Painting

trailer hitch before painting

Trailer Hitch After Painting

Window Frame on Doors Before Painting

RV door before painting window trim to match the siding

Window Frame on Doors After Painting

RV door after painting window trim to match the siding

We also upgraded some stuff like replace the crank tongue jack with an electric tongue jack (we just can't do the manual work like that anymore), new tires and new bearing hubs, as well as LED lighting throughout. The next thing to get will be a stabalizer and weight distribution kit for the hitch and replace the awning fabric. It's just old and wearing out.

Once we get the exterior completed and out of the way, we'll start on the interior. The first thing is a small modification we need to make to the rear bunks. This is going to be my "loom room" (aka craft area) and bedroom.

The top bunk folds up into a cabinet which will be used for storage. Husband is going to cut off the extension of the middle bunk that goes over the bottom bunk. The reason for cutting it off is that when I tried sleeping in the lower bunk, my knees would hit the edge above me every time I turned over. The top of the middle bunk will become like a dresser top and a place for kitty to hang out. She enjoys going up there and looking out the window. In the "dresser" part of the middle bunk, there's a pull out table. I can use that for crafting and tablet weaving or with something like a Cricket rigid heddle loom.

The inside is also very grungy and the decore is very dated. I'll be taking down the window treatments and giving the mini blinds a good wash in the shower. I don't think that stuff has ever been cleaned.

Until next time, be excellent to each other and happy weaving!

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