Perugia Towels

As a thank you to an acquaintance in the S.C.A. for giving me a loom, I decided to weave him a period table linen. I got a copy of Perugia Towels from the S.C.A. stock clerk to start my research. Although what I ultimately chose to weave isn't exactly period, I think he will enjoy it.

I made it out of 10/2 natural colored, non-mercerized cotton for the warp and weft and 8/4 cotton carpet warp in blue for the pattern weft.. This is as close to period as I was capable of coming with the yarn I had in my stash. After showing to the people in the weaving groups on Facebook (without mentioning anything about Perugia Towels), they all remarked at how "traditionally European" my project was. I was glad to hear that because it meant I was definitely on the right track.

I wove this on my 8 shaft loom using draft #134 on page 33 from "8 Shaft Weaves" edited by Strickler. I changed around the treadling to get the different motifs.  My quality control supervisor approves.

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Perugia Table Linen Perugia Towel Napkin Jummah Kitty Approves

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