House of Baily Tartan Placemats

I originally planned to use #10 crochet cotton but, since it's difficult to source all the colors that I need, locally, I decided to go with 8/4 cotton carpet warp. For some reason the craft and fabric stores around here just don't carry a lot of crochet thread. I can't even get the colors and sizes that I need online! The carpet warp is also more economical anyway. The only drawback is that it's not mercerized.

You can find all the details of my placemat project on my Facebook Page which is located [HERE]

While on the subject of tartans & plaids, I get a lot of new weavers asking me how to do color changes on a warping board. It's quite simple. You can cut the end of the last color and tie on the beginning of the new color and keep going or you can save yourself the tedium by wrapping the last color around the last peg a couple of times and introducing the new color. When you need one of the previous colors again, simply pick it up and start using it. Here's a video demonstrating the idea.


Link to Video

Since I do tartans and plaids quite often, I get asked this a lot by new weavers wanting to know how to change colors on the warping board. You could cut and tie the new color to the old color to create a continuous warp but I find that, what I'm about to show you, is easier and quicker. When you consider you still need tag ends to tie knots together, the waste is going to be about the same. Even if it was a little more, it won't be by much and the time you save will be worth it.

Posted by on Thursday, January 21, 2016

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