Star Trek Textiles: STOS Bedspread

If you follow my blog, you've probably figured out by now that I'm also a Trekkie.

Now that I have the Sir Walter Scott Personal Tartan, under my belt, I want to attempt to re-create other textiles from the Star Trek series. 

I want to recreate the bedspread used in the original series. It's woven with gold and red threads. 

I found close up pictures and discussion of the actual fabric used in the series showing the gold metallic threads, found here:

Star Trek Original Series Bed Spread by Alexander Girard

The forum post mentions where to find the original Alexander Girard fabric, but without the gold metallic thread here: (link no longer works)

Depending on the shipping cost, I might have to order a swatch so that I can examine it up close and personal. If shipping is more than the cost of a stamp, forget it! It shouldn't be hard to figure out but I want to know if the red is some kind of chenille, velour or what it consists of. Adding the gold metallic threads should be a no brainer.

2/15/19 UPDATE

It is woven out of red chenille and gold lurex. Back in 2015, these folks commissioned a mill to reproduce it and is offering yardage for sale. Sadly, it is way out of my budget at $100/yd, but it's good to know what the fibers are that they used.

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