Viking Age Tablet Weaving

I have a big project ready to be threaded onto my 36" floor loom (made the warp in November and sleyed the reed in February) but have not had the energy to "get 'er done". I've been tatting to satisfy the "maker" in me, but I now want to weave something. I think this would be a good opportunity to do some tablet weaving. 

I searched around the 'net for something interesting that I could also use in my other hobby, the Society for Creative Anachronism and found this Viking Age Tablet Weaving Pattern.

I'm glad for the instructions they give,  but having to read each line the way it was written wouldn't bode well with me so plugged it into a tablet weaving program. The program gives the intstructions in a grid form which I find much easier to follow.

I think I'll do this with 8/4 cotton carpet warp in yellow and blue with a red border to match our household colors.  Eventually I'd like to make myself a Norse outfit to wear to events.

Enjoy the pattern.

Check out the loom that I like to use. Very inexpensive and easy to make too!

Viking Age Tablet Woven Band

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