M & W in Huck Lace Curtains

Here 's the drawdown from the draft I created. It's block substitution. M&W in huck.

Here's the cloth on the loom

I did a sampler section and washed it and I like it better as a web than finished cloth so I decided not to wash it. I know, I know, it's not finished until it's washed but I really like the look of the web better. If/when it comes to time to wash them, I will. I'll either re-hang them or make something else out of them, but for now I like they way the look as a web.

When I calculated the cloth needed for my curtains, I didn't figure on the fact that I would be expanding the curtain rod so I am short on cloth and I'll have to weave this again. Oh, darn! :) I ended up with enough cloth to cover half the window, so I'll need to duplicate the project for the other half. I really liked the way they turned out!

I'll be ordering another cone of 6/2/2 in the next few days so I can finish the other half. As you can see, they're not very full:

I'll have to make another set so that each half will look more like this:

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