Flat Cap

One of my goals when first learning how to [...] Read more

Web is NOT Cloth!

What's on the loom (the web) isn't [...] Read more

Montgomery Scott Dress Tartan Part Deux

Thanks to a donation by a very good friend, [...] Read more

Waste Not, Want Not

I started a sampler for making Norse Leg [...] Read more

Star Trek Textiles: Romulan Military Uniform

This caught my eye. The fabric used in the [...] Read more

Pick Up Inkle Weaving on a 4 Shaft Loom

You want fast and easy pick-up weaving on [...] Read more

Star Trek Textiles: STOS Bedspread

If you follow my blog, you've probably [...] Read more

Great Scott!

The Sir Walter Scott Personal tartan is off [...] Read more

Warp Speed-Giving it all I Got, Captain!

I have a little black and white 8/2 cotton [...] Read more

Elbow Grease & Kitchen Towels

I need to be as frugal as possible and one [...] Read more

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