Going to the Dogs

I want to weave a collar and leash for the gal at a local pet shop that has her dog's name on them. I figured double faced tablet weaving would be the way to go since I had experience with it last year for an SCA project concerning our household. I found "Tablet-Woven Leashes for Spike and Jones" by Linda Hendrickson.  I also wanted little dog biscuits on it so I worked that out on the blank chart from the publication. I have Linda Hendrickson's book "Please Weave a Message" and thought I would use that too, but sadly, the book doesn't include the capitalized version of the majority of the fonts. I decided to use the font that's in the article. That doesn't include the capital letters either so I'll have to work it out on the included chart and weave them to make sure they look right.

I'll have to practice this first. I'll be making the leash out of 5/2 mercerized cotton. I ordered the lime green and purple that she wants. I have some 5/2 in a kind of moss green and maroon with which to practice. I think I'll have the husband make me a warping board for the leash.  The leash requires making a continuous warp 80" long and then weaving the handle while it's still on the warping pegs.  I think I'll like it better if it's on a board that I can move around instead of using clamps on a table or across the room (since I don't have a table that long).

In the meantime, I'm practicing the double face and getting my charted designs and letters to look right.  So far, so good. Next step will be setting up a continuous warp and working out the handle.

1/16/19: Unpdate! I contacted Linda about a possible video for the handle. I manged to get it woven, but following the written instructions was challenging. I'm more a visual learner. She thought a video was a good idea, too.  Here it is! :D

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