Sectional Warp Beam Rake and Guides

Here's an nice DIY that won't break the bank. A DIY Sectional Warp Beam Rake

DIY Sectional Warp Beam Rake

To make it, cut 2 x 2 lumber to fit your beam. Using a drill press, make the holes for garden staples and insert the staples 1" apart (or 2", whichever your preference). Garden staples look like this:

Garden Staples Used are used for the rakes in the DIY sectional warp beam.

You'll need to clean any machine oil, dirt and debris from the staples before using them. For extra insurance against damaging warp threads due to tarnish or rust, coat them with polyeurethane or similar product.  I didn't bother. I've never had any nails or my reed rust while in the house.

The next thing you need are rake guides. Rake guides keep the threads from jumping into the adjacent sections of a sectional beam. They're very easy to make out of cardstock. You'll need 8 of them.

DIY Rake Guides

I cut card stock into 3 x 4 pieces. I folded in one third on the long side, took it to the rake and folded the remaining third around the rake. I glued it shut to make a sleeve. Then I took it back to the loom and bent the tops. I took it off the loom and cut off any extra length that wasn't needed. Another great money saving DIY.