How to Read a Weaving Draft

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To understand a weaving draft, imagine that you are floating above your loom looking straight down at it. A weaving draft is the graphic representation of what you would see. There are 4 parts to the weaving draft: the tie-up, the threading, the treadling and the draw down.

How to read a weaving draft

The tie up grid is usually located in a corner between the threading and treadling grids. It tells you which treadles get attached to which shafts.

How to read a weaving draft tie up explanation

The threading order grid, usually located at the top, is the horizontal grid for your warp. It tells you which colored yarns go in a heddle on which shafts.

How to read a weaving draft threading order explanation

The vertical grid is your treadling order. It refers to your weft. It tells you which treadle is pressed and which color yarn is used in the shed created by pressing that treadle.

How to read a weaving draft treadling explanation

The draw down is a representation of the woven threads. It gives you an idea of what the design might look like.

How to read a weaving draft draw down explanation

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