Changing Colors When Making a Warp

You can cut the old color and tie on the new color and keep going or you can wrap the last color around the last peg a couple of times, leave it there, and introduce the new color by attaching it to the peg. When you need to use a previous color, simply bring it around the peg and keep going. No having to stop, cut and tie knots. Here's a video to demonstrate the idea. Enjoy

Since I do tartans and plaids quite often, I get asked this a lot by new weavers wanting to know how to change colors on the warping board. You could cut and tie the new color to the old color to create a continuous warp but I find that, what I'm about to show you, is easier and quicker. When you consider you still need tag ends to tie knots together, the waste is going to be about the same. Even if it was a little more, it won't be by much and the time you save will be worth it.

Posted by on Thursday, January 21, 2016