DIY Horizontal Warping Mill

I couldn't afford $300 for one of these and couldn't find any plans on the 'net so had to design my own. Space is at a premium so it had to completely fold, too. My husband and I engineered and assembled this one. By removing the cross pegs and one end on each side of the leg supports, the entire thing folds flat and can be hung on a wall or stored under a bed. What's not to love about that?!

I'm often asked how many yards it holds. That's hard to answer. I haven't made a warp, yet, that will max it out. It all depends on the size of the yarn you are using, how many ends you make and how many times you spin it. If you need to make insanely long warps, you can always make it wider. Each rotation yields 2 yards.

Shown demonstrating the winding of an 11 yard warp

diy horizontal warping mill that folds flat for storage plans

diy  horizontal warping mill folds flat for storage

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Here's a letter I received from one of my supporters:
"Hello Joyce!
I just thought you might enjoy seeing your plans brought into reality!

Thank you so much for this ingenious design!"

Thank YOU Kristi!

My friend Linda posted a video on how to use a horizontal warping mill with multi-threads using a paddle for super fast warping!