Vertical Warping Mill

Simple, quick, and easy DIY Warping mill. I've made these in the past but have always had to use bigger boxes since that's all I could get. This time I managed to get a box that is 9 1/2" square which works out to just a little over a yard for each turn. I also didn't have to cover this one with plain paper since there was no printing on it. I'm considering going to a shipping store to have them custom make me a 9" square box.

To show you how easy it is to make, I did a very quick video which should explain the entire process.  In this case I am using Velcro to secure the box to the lazy susan. I got the lazy susan at a thrift store for $1.25. I use this susan for other things like my DIY yarn swift so being able to remove the box is what I needed. Velcro was just the ticket.

Enjoy your warping mill, even if it's only a temporary solution until you can get a "real" one. Or you might like this one so much you won't bother spending hundreds of dollars on one.


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