Tablet Weaving Loom

Visit The String Page to see how to easily make cards for tablet weaving. Once you get them made you can either set up a loom with the backstrap method (as seen in the video below) , warp your existing rigid heddle frame, table or floor loom, or you can make this loom by The Loomy Bin. It's my favorite! I get the "tama" (weights) for it at my local farm and tractor supply. They are ceramic insulators for electric fences. Perfect for the job. You can find them on Amazon too.

I find a wooden TV tray table just the right thing to clamp it to.  When I use it, I like to tilt the table towards me so that the front beam is in my lap. That makes it very comfortable and I can weave for quite a while.

[Click the images to enlarge]

Easy DIY Tablet Weaving Loom clamped to a tv tray table. 

Here's a close up of how the web is anchored to the cloth end.

 Detail of the tablet weaving loom cloth beam. 

This is how it looks from the side.

Easy DIY Tablet Weaving Loom clamped to a tv tray table.

Here's the back showing the "tama" which weight the warp for the perfect tension.


Here's a close up of the warp beam. We used a brass rod instead of a wooden dowel. The spring we got, which is used to separate the warp, was not long enough so I use document clips to keep it centered.

How to Make A Warp for Tablet Weaving

Set up two posts apart by half the distance of your needed warp length. Put one thread through each hole in the pack of cards. Hold cards and leave in position with left hand, wrap threads around posts with your right hand, dropping a card on your way around.  When you are done, arrange cards in necessary order. Cut the warp off the pegs.

How to Tablet Weave

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